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Refrigerant gas leak detector


Electronic refrigerant gas leak detector.  Operational with 1234YF refrigerant gas.


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  • Automatic electronic leak detector
  • Electronic connections controlled by a microprocessor
  • Exclusive POWERSHIFT™ program
  • New "Cold Cathode Diode" sensing element (CCD)
  • Superior resistance to base contaminants
  • Exclusive "tachometer" style LED bar
  • Strong and truly ergonomic  shell
  • 75 hour minimum  battery life-  automatic switch-off
  • Includes a hard case, a spare sensing element and 3 alkaline "C" batteries
  • Detects ALL CFC/HCFC/HFC refrigerants and mixes
  • SAE J1627- CE approved


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  • Cold cathode discharge diode.
  • Sensitive to all halogen refrigerants: HFC, CFC & HCFC, as well as all halogen gas mixtures such as SF6.
  • Completely automatic sensitivity selection
  • Includes 6 LED range indicators. Maximum sensitivity
  • Able to detect a leak of 3g/year of R134a.
  • 2-level alarm signal to be selected (low or high intensity).
  • Tachometer style light up bar: indicating
  • The extent of a leak with 8 high intensity LEOs
  • Gearbox style indication: 7 LEOs indicating the current
  • Sensitivity range and the size of the leak, as indicated below: Gear/size of the leak

N no leak

1 & 2 small

3 & 4 normal

5 & 6 large

OPERATING RANGE: -18° to 60 oc (0 to 140 oF)

  • 3 Alkaline 14 A "C" cell batteries
  • Battery service life- continuous work at 25 oc (77 oc)
  • High intensity signal: 55 h
  • Low intensity signal: 75 h

As the instrument switches off automatically after 10 minutes, it is possible that the batteries useful life is longer than indicated. The user is warned on battery life when they reach about 10 % power when the tachometer  style LEOs sweep from one side to the other.

  • Instrument dimensions:  254 x 59 x 51 mm
  • Metal probe: length 356mm, thickness 6.4 mm
  • Weight: 500 g


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o   1 year warranty


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The  SNALD3000B model  is  the  first  truly  automatic  electronic leak detector in the world. It requires no operating action while it is searching  for a leak. Controlled  by its exclusive  POWERSHIFT™ software, the SNALD3000B continuously and automatically adapts its basic functions that adjust its sensitivity, thereby getting detection results in all conditions.


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